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大学学院 serves both 犹豫不决/undeclared students who are exploring the University’s options before selecting a major, and students who are seeking to earn the Bachelor of Specialized Studies, the Bachelor of Criminal Justice, the Bachelor of Technical and Applied Studies or an associate degree.

大学学院 advances the mission of newbb电子平台 by providing institutional leadership across colleges in order to promote student success. The college provides a number of University-wide services and is home to key units such as the Academic Achievement Center, First-Year and Student Transitions, the Center for Community Engagement and Student Accessibility Services that help all undergraduates succeed.

Planning Your First Year


    Bobcat Student Orientation

    Bobcat Student Orientation (BSO) connects you with the people and resources you’ll need to transition into 俄亥俄州 with confidence. Learn about our curriculum, register for classes, meet fellow students in your college and get in touch with your inner Bobcat.



    学习社区 help new students get connected and support them during their transition from home to 雅典, and from high school to newbb电子平台. Participating students may also live in either the same residence hall or area of campus.



    Rachel Hefner is excited to be part of the team of student leaders who will welcome new Bobcats to campus this summer for Bobcat Student Orientation. Hefner, from Perrysburg, is an 犹豫不决 student in 大学学院 and a member of the 俄亥俄荣誉计划.



    As a new account executive for NASCAR in Daytona Beach, 佛罗里达, 大学学院 graduate Ryan Hiser is applying his love of sports, people skills and experience at 俄亥俄州 to forge a career at one of the world’s best-known stock car race companies. Hiser entered 俄亥俄州 with an economics major and an interest in investment banking, but as his interests shifted he changed majors and graduated with a specialized studies degree focused in international business, trade and commerce.



    Academic Achievement Center

    The Academic Achievement Center (AAC) helps students reach their academic goals with assistance in the form of academic coaching, 辅导和 Supplemental Instruction. Students can access writing assistance through the 写共享.


    Accessibility Services

    Accessibility Services ensures equal opportunity and the development of an academic environment that is accessible to all people without the need for adaptation.



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Nominations open for the newbb电子平台 Outstanding Community Partner Awards
newbb电子平台 students, staff and faculty are encouraged to submit nominations for 2024 俄亥俄州 Outstanding Community Partner Awards.
Exploring passions through coursework leads graduate to social work
With his determination and commitment to service, Andrew Wright exemplifies the essence of an Outstanding Graduate, leaving a legacy of inspiration for future generations at newbb电子平台 南部.
俄亥俄州 Chillicothe graduate 伯恩赛斯 contributes to community development
伯恩赛斯, a recent graduate of newbb电子平台 Chillicothe, has found his niche in Chillicothe, helping guide development as a clerk in the city's Planning and Development Department.